Sports – there's really no more fun way to get some exercise. Whether it's a kid chasing a ball around a field or an elite athlete striving to slice an extra hundredth of a second off their personal best, technology continues to influence sport in myriad ways.

June 14, 2019
Intake, a start-up out of Santa Barbara, California, has six issued patents and nine more patents pending for the world’s first magnetic nasal band that opens nasal passageways to their widest capacity.
  • ​There are already swim-tracking wearables such as watches, that track data such as the number of lengths swum. TritonWear is taking things further, however, with its just-announced Triton 2 – the device tracks 13 swimming metrics at once, transmitting data in real time for performance analysis.
  • Thor Industries used the RVX show to get serious about its products, but it also had some fun ... a lot of fun. Its custom Heartland Cyclone tailgater trailer pulls up stadium-side, screens games on numerous TVs, keeps the beer flowing with a keg fridge, and provides plenty of space to kick back.
  • ​While people are fairly fussy about things like bicycle tire pressure, they tend to be a lot more blasé when it comes to inflating basketballs – even though a ball's pressure can greatly affect its performance. The Innoflate Perfect Pressure Needle is designed to help … by whistling.
  • ​Back in 2016, Nike first announced its HyperAdapt 1.0 training shoes, which automatically tighten their laces around the wearer's foot. Now Puma is getting in on the self-lacing game, with its Fit Intelligence (Fi) line of footwear.
  • Red Bull's global brand stretches far beyond its flagship energy drink product – its logo is now plastered all over virtually anything that's fast, exciting, upside-down or dangerous. Here's our five favorite death-defying Red Bull marketing stunts.
  • We know you’ve been there. You’re sitting at a party or a tailgate, and the group is divided. You all want to play a game. But what? You need something that lets you interact together and fits for all ages, isn’t too complicated, but isn’t the run-of-the-mill gimmick.
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