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New Atlas celebrates innovation and human endeavor across all fields of science, technology and design.

Founded in Australia in 2002 as a print magazine with a companion website, New Atlas now attracts a worldwide audience of approximately four million readers per month and 200,000 daily email newsletter subscribers.

Two decades of covering innovation has given us a truly unique audience of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, futurists and decision makers, all of whom strive to be well-informed.

The average New Atlas reader is older, affluent, and well-educated:

  • 66% of New Atlas readers are 40+
  • 71% of New Atlas readers are male
  • Our core audience is made up of technology enthusiasts, business professionals, investors and avid news readers
  • Our key markets are the United States (59%), Canada (7.1%), the United Kingdom (5.6%), Australia (4.16%) and India (3.5%)
    (Source: Google Analytics, 2022)

Sites with similar audiences to New Atlas include the MIT Technology Review,, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, New Scientist and Wired Magazine. (Source: Quantcast)

What we offer

Sponsored Content

Our Sponsored Content offers a full article equivalent placement and front page exposure in our "Latest News" section on the homepage, plus prominent inclusion in our email newsletter, which is sent to more than 200,000 readers daily.

Please note that posts are clearly labeled as Sponsored Content and we don't accept posts on promoting gambling, pornography, cryptocurrencies or products that make questionable scientific claims.

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Newsletter ad placements

Advertise your product or service directly to New Atlas’ 200,000+ email subscribers.

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Banner advertising

New Atlas offers customized direct banner advertising campaigns on mobile and desktop. Past advertisers include Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Smart, Chevrolet, IBM, Microsoft and Radio Shack.

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Traffic & Subscriber Statistics

  • Over 4,000,000 readers per month
  • Over 450,000 active subscribers across email and social media