Frequently Asked Questions

New Atlas Plus Subscribers

I am a New Atlas Plus subscriber, so why am I still seeing ads?

As a Plus subscriber you should not see ads on our website or email newsletter, but you need to be logged in to your account ( in order for us to detect you're a Plus subscriber and show you the ad-free site.

How do I update my Credit Card?

Plus Subscribers who have paid via Credit Card can see their card details on their account page:

Our payment processor will often be able to automatically update card numbers if cards have expired and been re-issued, but if you need to manually make a change to the registered card, follow the link on the account page to:

Do I have to log in every time I visit?

No. Log in credentials are stored in a separate session cookie for each browser you use (eg. your phone, your desktop, your tablet, that other browser you never use), which will remain current until you log out of that given browser. We use standard “session cookies” to enable logging in, but if the cookie isn't present for any reason, you'll need to log in afresh.

This is generally caused by:

  • switching to a new browser (or device),
  • browsing 'incognito' (in a private tab),
  • manually clearing cookies,
  • browser extensions blocking cookies for New Atlas (if that's the case, you should be able to whitelist to allow our session cookie to persist).


How can I become a contributor to New Atlas? If you are interested in becoming a freelance contributor to New Atlas, please email [email protected] with details of your skills, experience, areas of expertise, and anything else that might convince us to hire you.

Please note that we receive a lot of applications, so don't be offended if we don't respond right away. Full time positions will be advertised at as they come up.

How do I get my product featured on New Atlas?

If you have product, idea or news tip for New Atlas, see this page for details on what you need to do to have it considered by our editorial team.

Does New Atlas accept guest posts?

No, New Atlas does not accept guest articles.

If you are interested in sponsored content (which will be clearly labelled as sponsored content and contain no follow links) please make an enquiry through our advertising page:

Can't find what you're looking for? Please contact Support.